Happy New Year!  

Finally, 2023 is over and done with and 2024 is here!  This means a welcomed and a much needed fresh, new start. 

Gone are all the bad habits we acquired over the past year. Examples include bad eating habits, drinking way too much alcohol, chain smoking too much, overspending money on items not really needed, being insensitive and rude to others, being negative all the time and never exercising at all! 

Who are we fooling right?  So many people make all these new year resolutions that are basically a joke.  We aim way too high then we feel like a failure when we don’t meet these expectations.  Why do we do this to ourselves? 

So, let’s get real.  Let’s start the New Year the right way by not over-committing ourselves on resolutions.

Here are some practical ways to start the year off.

  1.  Be Realistic!

Do not make goals you know you will not achieve.   Like to stop smoking.  If deep down you know you really aren’t going to stop, then why set yourself up to fail?  Perhaps commit to smoking less than you normally do. Talk to your doctor for help or get yourself a nicotine pitch to help with cravings.  Set a small goal for 1 pack a week less, then strive to achieve that.  After that, set another goal.  Slow and steady will win this race.

This will work for losing weight too.  Don’t jump in and say you want to lose 23-25 pounds.  Go in saying more realistic things such as I’d like to lose a pound a week or something actually attainable.  It’s a start that can work!

  • Joining a gym?  That’s another thing that people do to their selves that set themselves up for failure.  They join the gym and go in full force.  They overdo it until they either hurt their selves, make their selves so sore they can’t walk, or burn their selves out quickly.   That’s when they will slowly stop going completely.

 Try attainable gym goals.  Start slow.  Treadmills are great to start with and adding light weights are even better.  Start by going 2-3 times per week until you feel you’re getting stronger.  Adding days in are way better than taking days out.  No willpower or desire to push yourself?  Some people hire trainers or join a group fitness class.  This way you are compiled to keep up with the group and get out of your comfort zone a little better.

No money for a gym membership?  I get it.  Money is tight.  If you are a senior citizen, you can take full advantage of the Silver Sneakers program that pays for your gym membership.  Ask your local gym about this.  If you’re not a senior, there are ways to work out at home.  Google home exercise workouts.  Find a program that you like, purchase inexpensive weights or bands and do your own workout.  There are so many apps available to.   It just takes your motivation and desire to start.

  • One of the keyways of keeping your goals is to stay upbeat and positive.  It’s a very hard thing to do at times and yes, you will have a bad day that will try to throw off your goals.  And mood, but the way to get over that is deal with it and then start fresh the next day with even more positivity than before. 

You can do this.  It can happen. It WILL happen.  It just needs to be reinforced daily with your everyday thoughts and actions. 

So, go ahead and set some small goals. 

You got this.  2024 will be the best year yet!