Hope is on the Way

Hope is on the Way

Grey, dark days.  Cold temperatures, snowy conditions and ICE!  Lots of Ice! Just a typical day that we had most of February!  And with these weather conditions comes the emotional ups and downs that only those long winter days can bring. It is just darn right depressing….

BUT WAIT! Hope is on the way.  Yes, “HOPE”; also known as “March,” is here!!  Now March may also bring some winter like weather conditions, but inside our heads we know that spring is near.  Really near.  March 20th to be exact.  It’s time to plant trees, time to plant your flowers and time to start your garden plants.  Now is the time to make that visit to the Marshall County Co-op!  They are overflowing with all kinds of spring planting merchandise.  The fruit trees will be in, along with seeds, seed starter kits, soil starting trays and so much more, including pottery and concrete! 

And folks, do you realize how therapeutic it is to actually plant the seeds and watch them grow into beautiful, healthy plants ready to be carefully planted into your own garden.  As you watch them grow and produce their fruit (whatever it may be,) the satisfaction that you get from this is beyond belief.  If now is the time for you to start doing something relaxing and fun, why not try raising your plants from seeds?  A perfect way to destress from all the stressors that are affecting so many people.  And remember, if you are not sure how to do it, or you feel you absolutely do not have a green thumb, just ask one of the many employees of the Marshall County Co-op.  They would be glad to help you along in this process!  That is their passion!

Some of the things that you will find at the Marshall County Co-op are:

Burpee seeds

Burpee heirloom seeds

Rows of garden seeds in the ½ and 1 pound size

Seed starting supplies

Gardening gloves

The Co-op also has a 2021 vegetable growers handbook to help guide you along the “growing experience” way and waterproof notebooks for your gardening records!

You have got to come to the Marshall County Co-op and see all this for yourself! Remember, Spring is just around the corner and the Marshall County Co-op is ready for you and for spring!!!

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