I Love Fall

I Love Fall

I love Fall.

 I really think it’s my favorite time of the year.  I love the colors, I love the smell, I love the sounds.  I wish it would stay in this season most of the year, especially since the summer’s lately have been so darn unbearably hot & humid.  I found myself unable to even sit outside due to this heat, seeking the coolness of my air-conditioned house.  Which totally stinks, because after all, it is summer and guess what? I soon will be in the house all the time (once the cold weather hits) so darn it; I don’t want to be inside in the summer. 

 There’s nothing better than a nice cool, crisp day in the fall.  I imagine having a nice campfire, toasting marshmallows, along with some hot dogs, while not sweating to death.  I look so forward to football games, both college and professional. I get such enjoyment watching a good game accompanied by eating some wings and sipping on a cold beer.  Such a great time!

 Fall also bring other things and at the Marshall County Co-op, you’ll find lots of supplies which are fall related.  For one thing, they have beautiful, colorful mums for your house’s beauty!  In addition, they have corn stalks to use for all your fall porch or yard decorating.  They carry a nice supply of hay and straw too.  Mid-month is when the pumpkins arrive, so get ready for fresh pies, seeds, and decorating fun!  You can also find deer minerals, deer plot mixes, turnip seeds, and so much more at the Co-op.

 It’s also propane season along with wood cutting season.  We prepare for things to keep us warm, and the Marshall County Co-op can sure help with this! 

Of course, one of the bad things about fall is that it is followed by winter, who from the sounds of the Farmer’s Almanac this year may be snowier and a little colder than last year.  We never really know what Mother Nature will throw our way, but its always best to be prepared! 

 If you had a great garden this year and want to do it all again next year, Fall is also the time to prepare for that.  Some things that you can do now are:

  1.  Pull any dead annuals and weeds and add them to your compost pile.  Make sure they are not diseased.  If they are, get rid of them by burning them or put them in a trash bag.  Definitely don’t add them to your compost pile, since it can negatively affect your soil for next year’s crops. 
  2. Pull your weeds now to prevent them from going to seed and spreading. 
  • Feed your soil for next year now.  Fall is the best time to fertilize since there is ample time for compost, manure, mulch, and organic fertilizers to break down and release the nutrients into the soil before spring (remember you can buy your organic and other fertilizers at the Co-op) 
  • It’s time to get your garlic and your spring bulbs in the ground.  Plant garlic cloves about two inches deep and 4 inches apart in well-drained soil.  Water them and cover with mulch.  They will start growing in early spring and will be ready for harvest in July. 

Gardening is such a rewarding experience and provides you and your family with fresh and nutrient filled food.  Want to do it again next year?  Why not start planning it now!  Think about any setbacks you may have had, or any issues that affected your crops, and make a note to not repeat the same mistakes again next year.  Want to add a new fruit or vegetable?  Get educated on it now so you can start whatever steps are necessary!  Have questions or concerns?  You know what to do.  Head to the Marshall County Co-op and just ask any one of their employees.   If they don’t know the answer, I am sure they can find someone there who can.  That’s what they do at the Co-op.

And while you are there, browse around a little.  There is something there for everyone and you can find some really nice things.  After all, it’s never too early to start buying Christmas gifts, right?