July Celebrations and Gardening Delights at the Marshall County Co-op!

July Celebrations and Gardening Delights at the Marshall County Co-op!

Welcome to the Marshall County Co-op, where we celebrate the month of July and the spirit of Independence Day! Join us as we delve into the joys of this patriotic month, while exploring how the Marshall County Co-op can fulfill all your gardening, yard needs, feeds, and more.  We are a one-stop destination to make your summer shine!

1. Independence Day: Celebrate Freedom with Us!

July is synonymous with Independence Day, a time to honor our country’s history and spirit of freedom. At the Marshall County Co-op, we’re proud to commemorate this occasion. The month is filled with celebrations including barbecues, fireworks, and decorating your outdoors with patriotic flair.  Why not make this year’s celebration unforgettable! 

2. Gardening Essentials: Growing Your Dream Garden!

pretty green garden

Did you know that Marshall County Co-op is your go-to destination for all your gardening needs? From top-quality seeds to fertilizers, tools, and gardening advice, we have everything you need to nurture your plants and create a flourishing garden. We can also provide you helpful seasonal gardening tips and techniques, ensuring your green thumb thrives throughout the summer months.

3. Yard Needs: Beautify Your Outdoor Spaces!

Transforming your yard into a tranquil and inviting space is simpler than you think, thanks to the Marshall County Co-op. They have a vast selection of landscaping supplies and cute yard decorations.  We try to help you make your yard an oasis for relaxation and entertaining. Stop by and browse through our outdoor areas.

4. Animal Feeds: Keeping Your Furry Friends Happy and Healthy!

At the Marshall County Co-op, we care not only for your gardening needs, but also for your furry friends. We have an extensive range of high-quality animal feeds for different pets and livestock. Whether you have horses, chickens, dogs, or cats, we have the food and supplies to ensure their well-being. Our experts at the Co-op will share valuable tips on animal nutrition and care, helping you provide the best for your beloved companions. 

5.  Your Wintertime comfort: Think Propane

Don’t let the extreme heat of July keep you from thinking of the cold winter ahead.  It’s time now to think PROPANE and no better place than to get it is the Marshall County Co-op. 

Now is the time to get your tanks filled up in preparation of the upcoming winter with their summertime fill.  We offer delivery of propane to most counties along the Ohio river in the upper Ohio Valley. If you have questions or want to become a customer for our propane, please give our Propane Supervisor Dave Bledsoe a call at 304-845-2375. 

July is a time to celebrate independence, enjoy the outdoors,  tend to our gardens and get our propane tanks filled. The Marshall County Co-op is here to help make this month even more special, offering all the gardening supplies, yard needs, feeds, and more to enhance your summer experience. Join us on this exciting journey of patriotism, growth, and community as we come together to create a memorable July at the Marshall County Co-op!