New Seasonal Items

New Seasonal Items

The Marshall County Co-op amazes me.  When I think of the Co-op, I automatically think of plants, flowers, propane, and farming products.  To me, that’s what they have and they have the best of it.  Especially their Propane plans.  But I tell you what, if you ever get a chance, you should take a tour of the Marshall County Co-op. With each season, you’ll find new and seasonal related items at this magical place.   

Just recently I decided to take a tour just to see all it has to offer.  I love unique and different items that you don’t find in big box stores.  And I tell you what, I found all kinds of goodies.  I love to shop small and local, and the Marshall County Co-op is the perfect small and local store.

When I first parked, I saw all the items that were outside. One of my discoveries was Lehigh Anthracite Coal.  Anthracite coal is the cleanest burning coal because of its extremely high carbon content compared to other coal. The coal coming out of Lehigh Anthracite Coal is 84 & 88 percent carbon content with very low ash and volatility content. If you need coal, the Marshall County Co-op is the place.  Call or stop by for more information.

More items I saw on the way were commercial grade Quikrete, egg rock mulch, topsoil, and potting soil.  All displayed neatly and organized ready for one to purchase.

As I make my way inside, I felt like a kid in a candy store!! I first noticed their puzzles.  I love puzzles and with the wintertime and Christmas approaching, what a perfect gift idea!! In addition to the puzzles on the rack, there were more a few aisles away!!!!  You must check these out.  Then I saw cards.  Who would have thought right?  I just had to stop and browse through these since I simply love cards. 

Love organic products?  I only purchase organic based items and the Naked Bee products they have immediately caught my eyes too.  Lip balms, hand salves, hand moisturizes, body lotions, hair products, foot balms and so much more…. Talk about stocking stuffers and perfect gifts!!!!! Priced right too!!!   Right next to this display were delicious smelling natural plant soaps too. 

Since I have two dogs, my eyes next went to the gigantic display of dog products. Dog bones, shampoos, flea control, dog chains, brushes, vests and so much more.  It’s the perfect place to purchase your animal products..  And remember, your fur-babies need gifts too, so stock up.

Next in line were the bird feeders and products.  If you are a bird watcher, then you simply must stop into the Co-op.  Tons of premium blend seeds too.  The birds will love you for this!

A few aisles over I found a gold mine of perfect items for my hard to buy for son-in-law.  Fastener assortments, tarps, aluminum buckets (he hates plastic ones) baller twine, shovels, rakes, pellet fire pit and pellet fuels, various tools and gloves and stainless-steel tumblers.  A few steps over and to my delight, there were food items.  Maple syrup, jams, snack beef sticks, quail eggs, pickles and more!!

I saw the assortment of deer feeds too such as Headrush Mineral Attractant, chicory seed forage, and apple flavored deer blocks.  They also had a large assortment of knives. 

And if you think you are going to check out quickly, think again.  By this area, you will find all kinds of different goodies!  Be prepared to browse there for a few minutes….What a true delight. 

In closing, do yourself a favor and just come and browse at the Marshall County Co-op.  You never know what you will find.  And, with Christmas just around the corner, I guarantee you will find someone a perfect gift.  And get yourself something too Clark………

Have a safe and blessed Christmas!

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