Propane For Your Every Need

Propane For Your Every Need

At Southern States Marshall County Co-Op, we have so many products and services and one of the products and services we pride ourselves on is propane for your every need. 

Propane Gas

Southern States is one of the top 10 suppliers of propane gas in the country and is the local, smart, reliable source for all your propane needs. For all our friends in the oil and gas industry, we know how important propane is to you. Your RV is your home on wheels and propane is used for heating your camper, cooking, heating your water, and powering appliances.  Propane is much cheaper than other sources of energy and is available just about everywhere you travel.

Propane Tanks

And for all those who own your own home, propane is an energy efficient way to make your home warm and cozy. 

Propane Delivery and Filling Stations

At Southern States Marshall County Co-Op, we offer propane delivery to southwestern Pennsylvania, East Central, Ohio and most of West Virginia.  We have 90-day, no interest and no payment on approved JDF credit. 

 We have filling stations available and can set up 100-gallon RV Tanks on your work campsite within a 30-mile radius of Moundsville, WV.    We have 20#, 30#, 40# and 100# cylinders available. 

Keep your heating system operating at peak efficiency with Southern States Marshall County Co-Op.  Let us make your home away from home experience as easy as possible. 

You can trust your friends at the Marshall County Co-Op.

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