Pumpkins and Chickens

Pumpkins and Chickens

One of the things about September that so many people love is the return of pumpkins.  Pumpkins are everywhere and in everything. 

Fragrances, coffee, muffins, cakes, candles, coffee and so much more. 

People have pumpkins on their porches, in their windows and in their yards. The annual Barnesville pumpkins festival returns this year to celebrate the almighty pumpkins, with growers hauling in their bounty on carts and trucks to compete for the award of the biggest pumpkin!   People love pumpkins, and everything associated with it, including the season that so many people adore. 

Fall.  Cool, crisp nights and lower humidity and temps to enjoy.  Perhaps you may need a light jacket or sweater when you head out.  After sweltering all summer long with high temps and humidity, we are now finding comfort in this new season.  Leaves are now turning into artist palates with burnt oranges, red and yellows.  Fall flowers are blooming; creating amazing landscapes for these who have planted them.   I truly think fall is the most beautiful and colorful season of the year!

While we are on the subject of pumpkins, did you know that your chickens love pumpkins as much as you do? 

Not only will they love it, it’s also super healthy for them! And now is the time to think about the upcoming colder weather and to-do a final deep clean of their coops before colder weather hits.  Double check the windows and doors in your coop for tight seals.  If you have chicks, double check to make sure your coop  stays the right temperature at night.  Hang some fall wreaths or flowers on your coops’ window boxes;  chickens like to feel pampered.  Repaint your coop to keep it looking fresh and colorful.  Add more protein to your flocks’ diet with mealworms,  or black soldier fly larvae.

The Marshall County Co-op has a wide variety of chicken feed, so stop by and let one of their staff members help you choose what is best for your chickens.  And don’t forget to come up with a plan on how to keep their water from not freezing.  Want eggs all winter?  Add a light to the coop. 

If you have any other questions about your chickens, remember at the Marshall County Co-op farming is what we do best.  Let us help you!

Have a great September.  It’s now time for some pumpkins flavored coffee.  Talk to you next month!

September days are here,  with summer’s best of weather and autumn’s best of cheer.

Helen Hunt Jackson

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