Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

There is just something special about spring cleaning that I just love.   Yes, I said it.  I love to spring clean.  Most people can’t stand the thought of spring cleaning, but for me it’s like a renewal!   Out is all the dirt, grime, dust and more that has accumulated over the past several months and in is a new, fresh smelling, clean renewal of not only your home, but of your mind and your soul!  

Vinegar cleaning supplies

Probably the biggest question I had when I knew I was going to be cleaning walls, woodwork and closets was what am I going to clean with?   Back in the old days, I remember using Murphy’s oil soap. That smell was just amazing!   However, I have been sold on vinegar as a cleaning tool.   I happened to walk into the Marshall County Co-op just last week when I noticed a display of their cleaning vinegars! WOW!  How did they know?  I gazed at all the amazing different types of cleaning vinegars that they offered, such as lavender, mandarin orange, lemon, and eucalyptus.  The big decision for me was which smell did I want?  I finally chose the eucalyptus, and it was heavenly! And in all honesty, this fresh smell actually motivated me to clean more!   I know that sounds a little crazy, but trust me, it did.

While I was in the Co-op, I decided to take a brief little tour.  I noticed right away that they had Moon Pies!!  I haven’t seen Moon Pies since my teenage years.  And the different flavors!   Chocolate, banana, salted caramel, and vanilla!  They also had a moon pie with a RC cola, which is a southern thing.  They also had moon pie flavored coffee, koozies and coffee mugs!  You have to check this out!

Moon pie display

Next, I noticed a display for Liquid IV, which if you don’t know what Liquid IV is, it’s a powder that you add to your water to give you better hydration than water alone.  I know we have purchased these in sports and other high-end stores, and they are a bit pricey but, much to my pleasure, the prices that were on it at the Co-op were much more reasonable!!  Just another reason you need to get to the Co-op and just browse through each aisle.

Liquid IV display

I saw mosquito traps too which uses no chemicals.  This one uses UV light to attract and trap mosquitoes and other flying insects.   Make sure you purchase one of these for the upcoming Summer and let those nasty little flying pests be done with!

Mosquito traps

In addition to all these unique items, remember that the Co-op is your spring planting season supply store too!  Garden season is fast approaching and now is the time to think about what all you will need.  Good references are always the Farmer’s Almanac, but of course you can always ask one of the Marshall County Co-op employees.   They would be more than happy to help you out.    

The Marshall County Co-op is located at 400- 11th Street in Moundsville, WV.  You can call them at 304-845-2375 or just stop in and browse.  I highly recommend.  

And get ready for next Month!!!  It’s the Co-op’ s annual Mother’s Day Flower and more sale!!!