Spring is in the Air (or is it?)

Spring is in the Air (or is it?)

Awe……..Spring is in the air…..Or is it?  Remember folks, it’s the Ohio Valley and we have been fooled once or twice before with record breaking warm days (just enough to get your hopes up) followed by a cold, damp rainy days.  And, according to the calendar, March 19th is the official start of spring.

Yep, it’s time for spring things…..planting your garden, cutting your grass, planting flowers and so much more.  Happiness and bright thoughts fill the air…..But, according to the Farmer’s Almanac, you may not want to jump into any of these activities or thoughts quite yet.  The week of March 18th- through March 24th is calling for periods of rain and wet snow, with COLD temperatures. 

Spring Cold

The week of March 25th through the 31st is calling for ….wait for it….yes, more (yay) but cool.  April 7 through the 9th calls for showers and temps cool.  April 10th through the 12th will be rainy but warm then April 22nd through April 30th brings showers and mild temperatures.  The total April temps are 2 degrees below average and rain is 1” above average. 

So, for now, let’s hold off on all things “SPRING” until May. 

Spring Farm

But there is one bright spot.  You can stock up on some of your spring needs at the Marshall County Co Op.  Like grass and pasture seeds, pots and planters, tools, power equipment, vegetable seeds, fencing and supports, pest control, seeders and spreaders, soil and mulch, weed control and much, much more!!! 

See you at the Co-Op!

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