The Month of May

I made a quick stop this week at the Marshall County Co-op, and I noticed that there was just something special in the air that felt so good……

The day was sunny and bright and a little warm.  Gone were the cloudy grey skies, replaced by a gorgeous yellow sun.  Employees of the Co-op were hustling around the grounds hauling bags of dirt and fertilizer.  You could feel some kind of excitement in the air …or was it the smell of peat moss?  Just something being around these surroundings excited me too.  The excitement that only the nearness of garden/lawn season can bring you.  The nearness of planting your gardens, your trees, your flowers and more.  Being close to nature really brings out the good feeling that you sort of lose over the winter months.  I am telling you, if you want to feel this type of energy and excitement, you need to stop by the Marshall County Co-op. 

Of course, the excitement I felt could be the anticipation of the Marshall County Co-op’s annual Mother’s Day Event (week long – Monday – May 8th thru Mother’s Day Sunday), the event that people travel from all around just to go to.  This event has now turned from a two-day weekend event to a week-long event.  At this event, you will be able to choose from beautiful and full hanging flowering baskets, vegetable plants, herbs, trees, bushes, fertilizers, potting soils, ceramic garden décor and SO MUCH MORE.   So many unique items, you won’t know how to not purchase them all.  

The Co-op employees will be out that week in full force too, and their knowledge of the plants and more will astonish you.  And if they don’t know the answer to any of your questions, they will ask other employees who will know.   That is the difference between purchasing your garden supplies at the Co-op vs a big box chain store.   The employees at the Co-op know the products! 

Marshall County Co-Op flowers

This May is the perfect time to get your garden/yard needs.   And, as your garden or yard needs  grow, if you ever have a question, you know all you have to do is come in to the Co-op and  ask!   The Co-op prides itself on having knowledgeable employees whose goal is to help you!

The Co-op’s Annual Mother’s Day Event is Monday, May 8th thru Sunday, May 14th

Hours are Monday thru Saturday 8am to 6pm and Sunday (Mother’s Day) 10am to 4pm – the only Sunday that we are open.

I hope you take a day to just come in and browse through the beauty of nature!  I can guarantee you will leave with something beautiful and/or useful! 

And make sure you remember your Mother!  She will love these beautiful flowers too!   Not fortunate to have your Mother living?  Buy some flowers for yourself in her memory.

In honor of gardening and flowers, I found this poem entitled “A Beauty to Behold” written by Catherine Pulsifer.

Gardens, a beauty to behold,

Flowers that come from deep in the soil unfold,

The colors of pink, lavender, and yellow,

The beauty has stopped many a fellow.

Peace and serenity are what it brings,

The garden even makes the birds sing.

Walking through the garden in bloom

Can help take away any gloom.

In honor of Mother’s Everywhere:  Happy Mother’s Day!   AND TO EVERYONE:

Happy planting & gardening!