The New Year begins…..

The New Year begins…..

Happy New Year to all!  Everyone from the Marshall County Co-Op is geared up for the new year.  It’s time for a fresh, new start and we are excited.

So, how do you plan on making 2022 better than 2021?  Some people will make “resolutions” that are extreme, such as losing a lot of weight in a short period of time or making unrealistic goals to attend the gym 7 days a week, quitting smoking or saving money.

Why not try something new for the New Year? How about making some goals for your annual summer garden?  I know, I know.  It’s January.  Who in their right mind is thinking of spring or summer already?  I mean, it’s cold, snowy, and just plain ugly out.  Sometimes we don’t see the sun for days, and we’re talking gardening?  All that’s on most people’s minds right now are


Propane, which, by the way, the Marshall County Co-op is the king of.  There’s also snow salt items, thermal socks, ice scrapers, snow shovels, hardwood Pellet fuel, Lehigh Anthracite coal, apple flavored deer blocks, and so much more that’s on our minds and can be purchased for the winter at the co-op. So why would we bring up summer goals?  

Here’s why:  Thinking positive, happy thoughts and planning new ideas gives you something to look forward to. It helps you chase away the winter blues because you are thinking blue skies, warmer temps and sunshine. You feel excited and are anticipating the upcoming months.

We have come up with some new unique ideas to try to implement for the spring/summer Garden and we wanted to share with you!

Plant More

Mix and match plants more than ever. Find plants that work well together, either by researching it yourself or asking the knowledgeable people at the Co-op. Research native plants for your area and add them to your landscape.  Create your own peaceful garden space by planting some lavender.

Plant Garden

Learn Something New

Talk to the garden experts at the Co-op and find out what’s new in garden design and try to add at least one new idea in your yard or garden. Start a garden journal so you can track what works and what doesn’t. Make sure you follow the Marshall County Co-op Facebook for lots of new ideas and products.

Care For Wildlife

Did you know that you can invite local wildlife into your garden with something as simple as adding a bird bath? Plant a buffet for birds by planting fruit bearing shrubs and trees. Build a home for wildlife and beneficial insects to hide out in and spend the winter. Layer used pallets and fill the gaps with broken clay pots or roofing tiles, twigs, or branches.  Make it fun and if you need help, remember to reach out to us!

Make Maintenance Easy

Research setting up your container plants on a drip system.  Take better care of your garden tools by learning how to clean & store them properly. Cut back on weekly maintenance (and water) by rethinking your lawn. Incorporate native grasses and other low maintenance plants 

Take Care of Pesky Pests

We all love the beauty of a deer, but we really want them to stop feasting on our garden.  Look into Deer-resistant plants.  Take care of grubs before they take over your lawn.  Ask anyone at the co-op for help if needed on this. Fill a patio container with mosquito-repellant plants to keep from getting bit this summer.


Eat Your Veggies

If you are new to growing vegetables, you can read about how to start your own garden or see the garden experts at the Co-op.   The Marshal County Co-op now has raised beds for your vegetables or flower garden. Perfect for those with bad soil, small spaces, or no yard at all! Make your garden beautiful and functional by adding edibles along with ornamental plants.  This year plant something you have never panted before. Ask us about this too. 

Have Fun

Plant something fun, like sunflowers, with a child and watch how the stalks grow taller than they are. Plant a cut-flower garden and share surprise bouquets with your neighbors.  Save on your gift giving budget by growing gifts instead of buying them.

A new year means a fresh start and new opportunities, in life and in your garden. We at the Marshall County Co-op will be your biggest cheerleader this coming year by offering the finest products and service to the best customers ever!!  Our best to you in the coming year!

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