The Three P’s

The Three P’s

I’d like to talk a little today about three very important items that the Marshall County Co-op is especially proud to offer to their local consumers. 


The first P is :  PROPANE

It’s October, which means the days of air conditioning and sweltering heat and humidity are over.  Making their annual comeback are sweaters, hoodies and sweatshirts.  And sooner than later, coats.  Wood burners and furnaces are being turned on.  Which means it’s Propane time.  Yes, propane is used year-round in campers, to fuel your grill, to heat your water and so much more, but now we need to focus on heating our homes with this safe, clean burning fuel.  The Marshal County Co-op is and always will be your propane headquarters.  They offer propane delivery to southwestern Pennsylvania, East Central, Ohio and most of West Virginia.  We have 90-day, no interest and no payment on approved JDF credit. Call them today to find out how you can become one of their many satisfied propane customers!  

The second P is:  PETS

We all love our pets.  And I am not just talking dogs and cats.  I am talking all pets. Your pets are just like family, and your livestock herds and poultry flocks, along with your dogs and cats,  all need the  highest quality feeds to perform at their best.  At the Marshall County Co-op , no matter what kind of feed you need for your pets, chickens, pigs, rabbits, horses or cattle , they can help you find the best nutrition program for all the animals you love and care for. In addition to food, the Marshall County Co-op also has your grooming tools, toys and treats, training and behavior needs, beds, collars leashes and harnesses,  health and grooming supplies, and so much more.  Didn’t know they had all this?  I would highly recommend coming to the Marshall County Co-op and just stroll through the store and along the perimeter outside. 

And last, but not least, is the third P:  POSITIVITY

Now, how does positivity have anything to do with the Marshall County Co-op?  Just think of all the positive things that the Co-op has.  During Spring and Summer, they have plants, trees and flowers, all which bring joy and beauty to so many people.  In the Fall and Winter, they have propane and feeds, which help both people stay warm and feed animals.  The Co-op has many positive things.

 I think Positivity should be the most said and used word in the English language.  It should also be the most felt emotion that we have right now too.  There is so much negativity and bad things happening in our world and country right now,  and most of it is out of our hands. But there is one thing that we can control and that is how we interact with others and make others feel.   We can control our positivity.  We can all try to be nicer to people and show more empathy towards others.  We all know we can help others just by staying positive and possibly encouraging others to be more positive. Even when we all have a bad day, still try to turn those bad days into a “Rad” day!  Just try it and see if it doesn’t make a difference. 

And remember, the folks at the Marshall County Co-op are all there or YOU! Call them at 304-845-2375 or stop by and see them.  Located at 400-11th Street in Moundsville.

In summary:  Order your propane, get your animal feed and supplies, and STAY POSITIVE!

Talk again in November!

“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.”

Willie Nelson – Musician

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