Turning on the Heat!!

Turning on the Heat!!

It’s that time of the year again when it’s time to turn on the heat!  The air conditioner that worked so hard over this past summer can finally take a well-deserved rest and your furnace can now take over to keep you warm for the next several months.  If you use propane as your heat source, we want you to know that here at the Southern States Marshall County Co-op, we are here for you.  

Southern States is one of the top 10 suppliers of propane gas in the country and is the local, smart, reliable source for all your propane needs.   We offer propane delivery to the following locations:

In PA: Western Greene County and southwestern Washington County.

In WV: We service Brooke, Ohio, Marshall, Wetzel and Tyler Counties.

In OH:  We service parts of Jefferson and Harrison Counties, the entire County of Belmont and most of Monroe County. 

Just call us if you have a question about your area of delivery!

In addition to offering home propane delivery, we also have filling stations available and can set up 100-gallon RV Tanks on your work campsite within a 30-mile radius of Moundsville, WV.    We have 20#, 30#, 40# and 100# cylinders available too.  Call us today at the Marshall County Co-op and let’s talk about how we can help you best with all your propane needs!

And speaking of helping you best, November 11th is Veterans Day.  Veterans have helped our great county remain free!  It is a tribute to military veterans who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces. Veteran’s Day should not be confused with Memorial Day, which honors those who died while in service. Veterans Day honors all military veterans, including those still with us.

Did you know that Veterans Day was originally celebrated as Armistice Day? It was first issued on November 11, 1919, by President Woodrow Wilson a year after the end of World War I. The purpose of Armistice Day was to honor the fallen soldiers of the Great War for their sacrifice and bravery. Seven years later, in 1926, Congress adopted a resolution requesting that President Calvin Coolidge issue annual proclamations on November 11, making Armistice Day a legal holiday. 

We are grateful and thankful for all our Veteran’s and without your service and sacrifices, we would not be a free country.  Thank you for everything and God Bless you all.

While we are on the subject of thankfulness and gratitude, Thanksgiving Day is coming up.  Folks, with all the craziness and insanity that seems to be surrounding all of us daily, please try to take some time with your family and focus on the good that you have.  Have dinner together. Have conversations,  and just plain love each other.  Take the time now to be grateful for what the good Lord has given you. 

We at the Marshall County Co-op wish you all the very best and are grateful and thankful for all of you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

What if today, we were just grateful for everything?

Charlie Brown

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