All About Love

All About Love

Welcome to February 2021.  So far, it’s been rough.  So, with this month’s blog, I wanted to talk all about love.  After all, Valentine’s day is coming up and everyone knows the pressure is on to show that special person some love. 

And love, right now, is so much better than the hate that seems to be consuming this country.  So…. let’s talk love. 

First of all, I love the Marshall County Co-Op.  Most people I know visit the Co-Op each spring to purchase their vegetable plants, flowers and other shrubbery and more.  But did you realize that the Co-op has so much MORE!!   I recently took a walking tour though-out the building and the things I found!!!  

First, let’s talk about Valentine’s Day gifts.  Every year it’s pretty much the same thing.  Guys get their girls flowers (which don’t last long at all) or candy (most women love candy but are usually on their annual new year’s diet, so that is not a good idea).  Girls end up getting their guys cologne or something else that just may not be useful to them at all.  Or the poor guys get nothing at all. While touring the co-op, I saw so many useful Valentine Day gift options for men and women! 

I saw an area that had a wide variety of tools and gadgets all priced at $4.97!  I also saw a lot of different deer and beef seasonings for jerky, along with just regular seasonings, bouillons, and marinades.  There were jars of dill pickles, sweet, pickled gherkins, jams, pickled beets and pickled eggs, maple syrups, pickled bologna and so much more!!!  The next section was filled with endless types of work gloves.  Next, I spotted rachet straps.  An entire section of those! 

Further on, I saw a whole selection of the Naked Bee natural products, like hand cremes, moisturizers and lip balms.  The Bela Triple French Milled pure and natural oil soaps got my attention by their amazing smell……A woman’s delight!

What perfect gifts these would make for your guy or girl.  In addition, they offer gift cards so that special someone can use it for anything in the store!!! These are the types of gifts that will not die and will not add extra fat to one’s body.

There were so many other items that they had, but I will leave them for another blog to talk about.

My point to make about love is to make sure you show your love the right way by making the trip to the Marshall County Co-op to browse and find that perfect Valentine’s Day gift OR any other day gift.  Maybe even buy yourself a gift.

And remember… the Marshall County Co-op is your propane headquarters!!!   Don’t be caught in the cold.  Call them for more information on how they can become your propane dealer. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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