Essential Business

Essential Business

The Marshall County Co-Op is open for business.  Since we are an agricultural store, we are considered an essential business.   After all, we do offer feed and supplies for our farming community, along with seeds, onion sets, seed potatoes and in a few weeks, plants, for all our gardeners in the valley!  In addition to that, our propane services are still in high demand for heating and cooking and refilling of cylinders. Essential.  All very essential. 

What are we doing to help keep the virus germ out of our store?

We are disinfecting all surfaces, credit card machines, doorknobs and handles, all doors including the swinging doors to the warehouse and much more!  We are also asking our customers to use their debit/credit cards instead of paper money or checks, since money is loaded with germs and viruses.  However, if you do need to use cash or checks, that is okay, since we have disinfectant and hand sanitizers for our employees. 

Cleaning Doorknob

Customer and Employee Safety

We currently are not offering curbside service, since most people are staying at home and not coming into the store.  However, if the need ever arises, we will take necessary action to help better serve you.

We are doing everything we can to keep our customers and employees safe.  After all, without you and our employees, we do not have our Co-Op.  You all are essential to us in our eyes.

We want you all to stay safe and we thank you for your continued support of our store.

This virus will eventually go away, but we don’t want you to.  Please keep the faith!

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