It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

We all know and love this Christmas song.  And one can certainly only hope that this coming Christmas season will be the most wonderful time of this year, because frankly, so far this year, it has been anything but wonderful.   

From the Corona Virus, mass rioting and destruction, to the most recent: The Election, things have been ugly.  There is a lot of division and hatred happening out there right now and basically a lot of people are just ready for some wonderful peace and happiness that I believe only the holy season of Christmas can bring.   So, for now, while reading this blog, let’s just think happy thoughts….and things we are grateful for.

Propane Tanks

With that being said, let’s talk about some of the things that the Marshall County Co-Op has to offer you that we are grateful for: Propane. Right now, the main focus is keeping people warm throughout this winter and the Co- Op can do that with their Propane delivery services. They deliver propane to southwestern PA., East Central Ohio and Northeastern Panhandle parts of West Virginia. They provide excellent delivery service and easy payment plans.  Peace of mind so you never run out of fuel.  If you have more questions just give Dave a call at 304-845-2375.

Snow Salt

There is nothing more beautiful than snow while you are warm and dry inside your home.  However, that beauty can quickly turn to ugly if you have to drive in it.  Especially when its first cousin, “ice”, roars its vicious head and makes driving and walking a danger.  Thank goodness the Marshall County Co-Op offers salt to help melt the ice.  They have several varieties of snow salt, with their biggest seller being Halite Winter Melt, available in 50-pound bags.  We also have Jiffy Melt and Green Melt in 40-pound bags and calcium chloride flakes and pellets in 50-pound bags.  Make sure you stock up because you don’t want to be caught “saltless”

Why not take a short drive and come and browse the Co-Op.  You can find some unique items for stocking stuffers and gifts.  Gifts that won’t get returned or put away in a closet.  Gifts that mean something.  Gifts that keep on giving.

In summary, let’s make this month the most wonderful time of the year.  Do much “mistletoeing” and have your hearts glowing, especially when your loved ones are near. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New year to everyone from all the folks at the Marshall County Co-Op 

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