So Much You Can Do in July

So Much You Can Do in July

It’s July!  July is a month with a lot of things going on.  Gardens are producing vegetables and fruits. Families are going on vacations (as much as social distancing will allow), beaches and pools are filled with kids and laughter. And we also celebrate the 4th of July, a day that represents the Declaration of Independence and the birth of the United States of America as an independent nation.  This year a lot of the celebrations have been cancelled due to the coronavirus, but locally Moundsville has decided to keep their fireworks. A great day to celebrate the USA!

Despite common perception, July is definitely not too late to plant garden vegetables and herbs.  Many edibles, including both vegetables and herbs that yield multiple harvests, can be planted in midsummer for a fruitful bounty come fall.

Plant Garden

At the Marshall County Co-op, we still have a lot of plants, beautiful flowers and herbs available (no vegetable plants).  Enter our Perennials West area and see plants such as herbs and a wide variety of ivy’s.  Beautiful flowers blooming along with sweet potato plants and so much more.  Coming to The Co-op never fails to provide you with the best gardening experience.  And fertilizers and plant food.  Did I mention that?  We have Espoma organic products such as garden and lawn fertilizers, potting soils, plant protections and liquid fertilizer plant foods and much more!   In addition, we offer Proven Winner products. These products are easy to grow and care for, are bright and colorful and are covered with blooms.  We also still have a few Massarelli Fountains and other Massarelli products too.

Potting Soil

Other things that The Co-op has are unique garden and yard supplies like garden pump frogs, yard decorations, planters shaped liked boots and ducks and so much more.   The Co-op is a great place to purchase that special gift for someone else or just for yourself. 


We also have the best watering wand around!  The sprout watering wand.  This colorful watering wand keeps all your watering chores within reach. Easily shower high hanging baskets on the front porch or water around a large flower bed. There are seven different patterns enabling you to choose which type of spray you need. The front trigger and sturdy grip are designed to stay comfortable in your hands. This Trusty Sprout watering tools will keep your garden healthy and outdoor spaces clean for years to come

What I love most about the Marshall County Co-op is the friendly, relaxed atmosphere.  And knowledge.  You can always find an answer to your planting or other needs at The Co-op. 

Happy July to all!

P.S. …and don’t forget the propane!

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