Lawn & Garden Supplies

Find everything you need to keep your lawn and garden healthy all year round. Discover our wide variety of lawn and garden products, including grass seed and fertilizers, power equipment and mowers, vegetable seeds and watering devices.

Horse Feed & Supplies

From feed to fencing, waterers to dewormers, Marshall County Co-Op is your one stop shop for livestock and horse needs. Browse our selection of horse feed, health supplements, stall supplies, and grooming products to keep your horses and livestock feeling (and looking) their best.

Nursery & Garden Center

Stop by and see our great selection of seasonal flowers, hanging baskets, mums, and so much more. If you are looking to plant your own flowers or decorate with our full bloomed flowers, Marshall County Co-Op is your best option.

Farm Supplies

Whether you run a small hobby farm or a large agricultural production, Moundsville’s Marshall County Co-Op has the products and tools you need to keep your operation running smoothly. Explore our selection of farm supplies, from vegetable seeds to power equipment and everything in between.

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If you need propane for your RV or Camper, Marshall County Co-Op has options for you. We offer John Deere Financing options with 90-days of no interest payment.

We Have the Straw

If you are looking for certified weed free straw, small square straw, large square straw, cereal grain, bales, mats, or blankets – we have it! As you can tell, we know a lot about STRAW.

Bottle Water in Bulk

If you are managing a team of workers, we have great options for your bottled water. Staying hydrated keeps you moving and productive. Get the best bottled water.

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So Much You Can Do in July

So Much You Can Do in July

It’s July!  July is a month with a lot of things going on.  Gardens are producing vegetables and fruits. Families are going on vacations (as much as social distancing will allow), beaches and pools are filled with kids and laughter. And we also celebrate the 4th of July, a day that represents the Declaration of Independence and the birth of the United States of America as an independent nation.  This year a lot of the celebrations have been cancelled due to the coronavirus, but locally Moundsville has decided to keep their fireworks. A great day to celebrate the USA! Despite...

Hello June! Growing Your Garden

Hello June! Growing Your Garden

Hello June!  By now, most people have their gardens planted and well underway and are just waiting for all the delicious vegetables and fruit to sprout out of the ground which will then be cooked, roasted or eaten raw!  Sounds easy right?  It basically is, but as gardeners, we all need to know a few things in order for our fruits and vegetables to be able to grow pest free and delicious. One of the things we have to do is check our plants for pests; including aphids and cucumber beetles.  When you find pests, try to identify them. That...